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Rudolfo opend its doors on the 14th of September, 2013. It is located in the heart of the historical and beautiful city of Lviv.
Rudolfo offers 18 rooms of which seven can be booked as fulltime apartments or for a longer period. The interior disposes of a modern design style, so both tourists and business guests will feel here as comfortable as at home. Our energetic team is always eager and happy to provide you with any support and our best services. We are pleased to welcome you at our hotel and we will do all efforts to make your stay as comfortable and pleasant as possibe!

Rudolfo Hotel @ Тема Нова


The first mention of the Armenian street, where the hotel is located, dates back to the 14th century and was then called Tatars’ka St. This is one of the oldest streets in the downtown area of Lviv.
In the same century the street was renamed to Pekars’ka St., in those times there lived a community of bakers. At the end of the 18th century, around 1772, the street was renamed to Universytetska St. because of the close University.
From 1871 to July 1944 it was St. Ormyanska, the main street of the Armenian quarters in Lviv. During the German occupation it was renamed to Byurherstrasse to 1946, and It was afterwards called Armenian St.
With transportation down the street being blocked since 1990
The first mention of the building in which the hotel is located appears in 1535, with its first identified owner as Stanislav Bonarek. Next the building was called as “Vitek’s Apartments”, so named after the owner Vitek Moroz. By the end of the 16th century the building had come to be known as Obuhivska, named after the owner Yakiv Obukh. Later the building became property of the local government, who began to rent it out to urban residents. During this time the house was poorly neglected until it was reconstructed in 1722. Ownership of the building changed hands several times throughout the years to follow. In 1910 the building was bought by the Boyko family, who put a pool with fish in the courtyard. In 1935 Beruh Gern arranged a workshop in the building for the productions of hats. Later the workshop was disbanded and the apartments where sold to individual owners. During our restoration, we tried not to disturb the previous appearances or historic façade of the building to preserve the unique atmosphere of days gone by.


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